The Woes of Being a Milk Drinker

Managing my weight and playing an active role in living a healthy life has been a huge priority for me for a long time. So I'm really familiar with a lot of different diet plans and ideas, and have looked up any number of recipes - but they never work for me. They never work [...]

Changing it Up

I've been doing kickboxing for almost a year now, and it's still one of my favorite things to do. But even as much as it changes every time I go in for my workout, my body is starting to get used to it. To be honest, I didn't think it was possible. But I wanted [...]


Do certain times of the year remind you of particular songs? That's so true for me, especially around spring and summer. I hear a song and start to reminisce about the time of my life when that song or artist was really significant for me. I get hooked on a particular kind of music (currently [...]

Walking it Off

There's no shortage of information about how good for you it is to walk on a regular basis. There are even all kinds of walking routines and techniques to use it as a weight-loss tool. That's great and all, but for me, I just enjoy walking. Plug in my tunes, put on my sunglasses (which [...]


Keeping track of my food intake isn't that big of a deal, whether it's a week day or a weekend. But the amount of food I'm tracking does definitely increase. This weekend has been the first since I've started tracking my food and exercise again, and it's been a challenge. Not having a normal routine [...]