Reality Check

I've had a Fitbit HR Charge for a couple of weeks now, and there are a few key things I've learned as a result: My quality of sleep blows. I'd benefit from giving my weekends a health overhaul. I have good intentions, but terrible follow-through. The quality of sleep thing doesn't surprise me, but it … Continue reading Reality Check

Ready to Run

There's a long-time running joke in my family that goes something like this: "The only time I'll run is if someone is chasing me with a sharp object." I can't even count the number of times my mom, sisters, and I have said this, in one form or another. I've been trying for years to … Continue reading Ready to Run

The Temptation to Quit

I dangle helplessly from the¬†edge of a cliff, holding on by the tip of my pinkie finger. My feet scrape the side of the mountain - all¬†efforts are futile attempts to pull myself up before falling into the ominous abyss gaping open beneath me. Fate taunts me from somewhere above, and I can see it … Continue reading The Temptation to Quit

Morning Workouts

Yesterday, I had decided I was going to start working out in the morning. For real. I was going to do it. I even changed my alarms (yes, plural) to make sure I would get up early enough to do it. But when my alarms went off this morning, I went, "Nope!" hit the snooze … Continue reading Morning Workouts

Mental Fitness Rut

The last few weeks have been rough. My normal routine is off, and I'm exhausted, overwhelmed, and frustrated. Knowing what I know about fitness and exercise, I know that I'd feel better if I could at least come out of my workout rut and get my butt in gear like it was before. I could … Continue reading Mental Fitness Rut

Ditch the “Fat Pants”

Look in your closet. Do you have your sacred pair of "fat pants" neatly folded on the top shelf on the off-chance that you might need them? Or are they rumpled up on the floor because, well, you had an off day? One of the best things I did for myself was I decided to … Continue reading Ditch the “Fat Pants”