Morning Workouts

imagesYesterday, I had decided I was going to start working out in the morning. For real. I was going to do it. I even changed my alarms (yes, plural) to make sure I would get up early enough to do it. But when my alarms went off this morning, I went, “Nope!” hit the snooze button, and went back to sleep. The snooze button may very well be my best friend – ever.

However, my snooze button and my 10-week-old puppy don’t like each other at all. So, much to my dismay, I limited my time with my snooze button to take care of my puppy. And, well, since I was up…might as well fit in that morning workout. PiYo, it was!

Once upon a time, experts used to say that morning was the best time to fit in a workout. Morning exercise wakes you up, revs up your metabolism, and helps you burn more calories throughout the day. While this still works great for a lot of people, experts have lately eased up a bit and now say that while morning workouts are good, the best time to work out is any time that works best for you – just get it done!

So whether or not the morning truly is still the best time to exercise, I have no idea. It makes sense to me, but it only works if you can actually haul your cookies out of bed to do it. I have one day of it behind me, and we’ll see how the rest goes.

In the meantime, I tried to find a fun image to go with this post. Instead, I found several that capture the various elements of morning workouts. Enjoy!


images (2)


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