Feeling the DailyBurn

I love my kickboxing workouts. The atmosphere is motivating and fun, the workout leaves me dripping in sweat, and the routine works perfectly with my lifestyle. There's just one problem: I'm bored. Not bored of the workouts, not bored as in I want to quit. But I'm bored as in I need something different to … Continue reading Feeling the DailyBurn

Own It

Badass Is the New Skinny has been dedicated to my journey to become a badass. But "badass" seems to have been lost in translation. Then, today, I had my ah-ha! moment when I found this blog post: Do You Call Yourself an Athlete? Here's Why You Should. Dieffenbach is on a mission to help her clients take back the … Continue reading Own It

Why I Love Nike’s “Better For It” Campaign

"What's better than sleeping in? Nothing. But you came to yoga anyway." "Present you kinda wants to die. But future you will probably appreciate this." The new Nike "Better For It" pretty much speaks for itself. But the reason I personally love it is because it acknowledges that sometimes, exercise feels sucky or difficult, causes … Continue reading Why I Love Nike’s “Better For It” Campaign

Tired of Feeling Tired

Moment of truth: I haven't done shit lately. Workouts are pretty much nonexistent, ice cream has become its own food group, and at least once or twice a week I catch myself nodding off at my desk. What it all comes down to is that I'm exhausted, lethargic, and unmotivated. I'd say it's because of … Continue reading Tired of Feeling Tired