Why I Love Nike’s “Better For It” Campaign

“What’s better than sleeping in? Nothing. But you came to yoga anyway.”

“Present you kinda wants to die. But future you will probably appreciate this.”

The new Nike “Better For It” pretty much speaks for itself. But the reason I personally love it is because it acknowledges that sometimes, exercise feels sucky or difficult, causes us to feel a little insecure, or isn’t something we necessarily want to do, but we do it anyway.

And when we do, it’s worth it.

It’s worth pushing yourself to the limit. It’s worth feeling like if you keep going you might puke. It’s worth holding yourself up on shaking limbs. Because in the end, you have something to be proud of. You’re stronger. You’ve overcome a challenge. Shit, even just accepting that challenge and stepping outside your comfort zone is an accomplishment. Not giving up is an accomplishment.

I can relate to a lot of the reactions featured in these ads, so I had to share. In general, I’m not a huge Nike fan. Nike products just don’t generally work best for me. But even with that, the #betterforit campaign is pretty spot-on in reaching a lot of women on a level that they can relate to, no matter what their level of fitness. Enjoy!

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