I’m Picky, Not a Child

When it comes to fitness, I'm pretty much set. I know what I like, what works for me, and how to do it. I also like keeping up with new trends and trying new things. But when it comes to food and nutrition, I'm a little more complicated. This is really important to me right … Continue reading I’m Picky, Not a Child

Dirty Duck 5K

I crossed the finish line with green and yellow powder paint in my nose, ears, and mouth, and feathers floating off of me. I looked through paint-covered sunglasses for Sister and Boyfriend. It didn't take long to find them standing off to my right, outside the Wild Duck. I smiled a green and yellow smile and met up … Continue reading Dirty Duck 5K

Time and Motivation

I don't have time. it's one of the primary excuses people have for not exercising regularly. Another is motivation. People start feeling discouraged - because results take time, and the work is hard - and after a while, they loose their motivation to keep going. These are similar to the issues I'm facing, but in a weird … Continue reading Time and Motivation

My Happy Place

Seven miles from my house, and about 1,500 feet above the valley I call home, is my oasis - my happy place. I love to hike, it's one of my favorite ways to exercise and push my body to get stronger. And all the while I get to clear my mind, find some inner peace, … Continue reading My Happy Place

Living the Life

Not all that long ago, the thought of working with a personal trainer terrified me. I always considered personal trainers to be people who have been fit all their lives and I was embarrassed by my less-than-fit condition. I remember working out at a 24 Hour Fitness in the Bay Area and seeing someone working … Continue reading Living the Life

Filling the Fitness Need

I have been a long-time subscriber of popular health and fitness magazines. I keep trying to find the one that really speaks to me, but there are subtle little things that keep me from really loving most of them. What really kept me interested were the success stories from real women - the ones who … Continue reading Filling the Fitness Need