Dirty Duck 5K

14457100298961 (2)

I crossed the finish line with green and yellow powder paint in my nose, ears, and mouth, and feathers floating off of me. I looked through paint-covered sunglasses for Sister and Boyfriend. It didn’t take long to find them standing off to my right, outside the Wild Duck. I smiled a green and yellow smile and met up with them. Another 5K is successfully behind me.

Yesterday, I completed my first Dirty Duck 5K, a fun run and walk for University of Oregon Duck fans. Think of the Color Run all ducked out – that’s the #DD5K.

The reason why pretty much any 5K is a big deal for me is because even though I usually enjoy running (OK, OK… jogging), I have a really tough time actually motivating myself to do it. Consequently, the last time I actually ran was when I did the Summer Solstice 5K in June. So, needless to say, I was pretty nervous.

In the end, there are some things that you just gotta go for. This was one of them. And I’m again surprised to learn that I really do enjoy running 5Ks. The energy is good, the environment is exciting, people of all fitness levels participate, and even little kids get involved.

There’s only a couple of weeks until the next 5K – Run with the Duck 5K. I’m looking forward to it, because it’s the first 5K I’ve ever done, so it’ll be a reminiscent. In the meantime, I have some fun photos from this last go-around. It was a great time!

14457100346531   14457100321381

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