84835d4b2e25655dddc6a2245dc7468cFor a lot of reasons, I’ve been struggling a lot lately to keep on track. Too many excuses, not enough motivation, and no one to hold me accountable. I can eat two quesadillas loaded with cheese and bacon. I can skip my afternoon kickboxing session (again). Who’s going to know? Who cares?

There are a lot of problems with this way of thinking, but the biggest one for me is that I genuinely want to practice what I preach, live a healthier life, and get into better shape.

Like most people can relate – it’s a lot easier said than done.

So I took a big step today. One that I think will be good for me from a personal perspective and from a professional perspective. I signed up to participate in a year-long health coaching program.

I’m terrified – it’s expensive (for me), it’s a long commitment, and I’m afraid I’ll fail. Why? Because it seems like every time I’ve tried to make a change, I’ve failed.

The difference here is that in working with a coach, I will be working with a professional who will help hold me accountable in a supportive way. In my heart, I know this will help, and I believe that health coaches really do help people succeed. After all, that’s why I’m studying to be one.

Which brings me to the professional part. My biggest hang-up about getting started with personal training is that I’ve never really worked with one. I don’t have that first-hand experiences – that reference – to help me feel confident in my own methodology.

So with this coaching program, I’ll get in better shape, I’ll be healthier, and I’ll get the consumer coaching experience. Like I said, I’m terrified, but I’m excited, too. I strongly believe that the accountability and support are going to be game-changers for me.

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