Why Be a Badass

download (1)Has anyone ever asked you: “If you could describe yourself using only one word, what word would it be?”

Truth be told, no one has ever asked me that. But, if someone were to ask me that, I’d want to say “Badass.” And I’d want it to be true.

In order for it to be true, I know I have to work for it. Over the past few years, I’ve worked at it off and on, but then life happens and I fall out of my routine. Well, I’m giving it another go. And this time, I’m keeping this blog.

How will this help me on my journey to becoming a badass? I never thought I’d write this kind of blog because there are so many health, wellness, fitness, weight-loss blogs already out there. But I love to write, and I love a good sweat shesh. And I’ve recently discovered the value of a strong support system. Put all these things together, and at worst, I’ll maintain some motivation and dedication, and at best, maybe I’ll help keep others motivated on their journey to be their own definition of badass.

My definition? Strong inside and out, with the confidence to hold my head high, be proud, and try new things, even when it means I’ll sometimes fail. And yes, one of my goals throughout this journey is weight loss. But losing weight isn’t enough. It’s about toning up, eating better, and taking care of my mental and physical health – that, to me, is what it means to be a badass.

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