Pick Your Pain

In my badass journey, I’ve encountered several different types of pain: Hunger pain Holy shit, I ate way too much pain That workout kicked my ass pain My butt hurts from sitting on it pain I should really start doing yoga pain Food Pain Before going any further, I will say that there are a coupleContinue reading “Pick Your Pain”

Interest vs. Commitment

“There’s a different between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in something, you only do it when it’s convenient. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results.” Kenneth Blanchard Committing to making a change is tough, and I’m convinced that you’re only going to be successful if it’s really what you want –Continue reading “Interest vs. Commitment”

Not Obsessed, Just Dedicated

I’ve been on the diet and exercise roller coaster so many times, I can’t really count. But there are definitely the periods of time that stand out – one in particular. I remember it clearly because when I talk to my mom about this point in time, she describes me as “obsessed.” I don’t rememberContinue reading “Not Obsessed, Just Dedicated”

Live to Inspire

Lately, there’s been this perfect storm of dissatisfaction and frustration at work, and I’ve been dealing with it through exercise and fitness goals. (My go-to coping strategy used to be beer, so this is a big deal for me.) Without a doubt, I’m happier when I’m focusing on health and fitness. Then last week, while IContinue reading “Live to Inspire”

The Year that Changed My Life

I’m on a mission to transform myself from normal woman to badass, and so far I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished. But I think it’s important for me to remember where I really started, back when I was carrying 194 pounds on my 5′ 7″ frame, and was miserable. The worst year of my life. Truth is, it should’veContinue reading “The Year that Changed My Life”

Before and After

Other people’s success stories are among the most powerful forms of inspiration for me. Men and women who have overcome amazing odds to drop immense amounts of weight, build strength, and develop confidence. Tonight, while reading a women’s fitness magazine, it occurred to me that what really tips people over is seeing photos of themselves,Continue reading “Before and After”