The Woes of Being a Milk Drinker

Managing my weight and playing an active role in living a healthy life has been a huge priority for me for a long time. So I’m really familiar with a lot of different diet plans and ideas, and have looked up any number of recipes – but they never work for me. They never workContinue reading “The Woes of Being a Milk Drinker”

Medicine for My Mental Health

Today was a rough day at work, which is the norm these days. Not that this is uncommon for anyone, really – lots of people carry around a great deal of stress because of work. That’s one of the reasons why I love my workout routine. After work, at least three days a week, IContinue reading “Medicine for My Mental Health”

My Badass Name is Tsunami

There has always been a part of me that knew that “skinny” wasn’t really what I wanted. Even skinny girls have that “soft” look. I never wanted to be soft. Nothing makes me feel more powerful and more confident than wrapping my hands, strapping on my gloves, and walloping on a bag with all ofContinue reading “My Badass Name is Tsunami”

Finding Empowerment in “No”

I don’t like to be told no, or that I can’t have what I want. Who does? By nature, it feels like deprivation, and puts a negative connotation on whatever it is you’re saying “no” to. But in order to achieve my goals, I know I have to get used to “no,” and I canContinue reading “Finding Empowerment in “No””

Relationship Weight

In Christopher Titus’ stand-up “Love is Evol,” he talks about relationships and “first date weight,” asking audience members to be honest with themselves – are they within five percent of their first date weight? This really got me thinking… About five months ago, I got into a new relationship with a wonderful man who lovesContinue reading “Relationship Weight”