The New Year Bandwagon

For reasons I can't explain, I hate New Year's resolutions. I think it's because, at the end of the day, it's just another day. It's just another date on the calendar. There isn't really anything special about starting a new year. What I do understand is the need to pick a date as your "start" date … Continue reading The New Year Bandwagon

Let’s Recap: Week 1

When you wake up and get up at oh-dammit-thirty enough days in a row, after a while, the time is just a number and not a real form of measurement. You just turn off the alarm, and get up. For that, though, it helps to stop looking at what time it is. It's totally a … Continue reading Let’s Recap: Week 1

The Hunger Scale

Ah, a new year and new opportunities. Lots of new opportunities. As much as I wanted to succeed with my previous behavior goal - leaving a couple bites of food on my plate or eating smaller portions - I continue to struggle with it. I could get into the reasoning for it, but that would … Continue reading The Hunger Scale

Leave a Couple Bites

As you may remember, I'm working on addressing some lifestyle habits to help me on my mission to live healthier. My first attempt - Ditch the Bubbles - has been really successful so far. Even though my commitment to not drinking soda is an ongoing effort, I feel confident that I have it under control … Continue reading Leave a Couple Bites

Happy Thanksgiving!

Earlier this week, I wrote about embracing the philosophy of "everything in moderation" when it comes to food, especially during the holidays. Though I still feel strongly about this message, today the focus is about appreciating and being thankful for all that you have. It is Thanksgiving, after all! As for me, I'm thankful for … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving!

Overcoming Barriers

Recently, I decided it was time to start living healthier by changing one unhealthy habit at a time. In going through the first habit - stop drinking soda - it made me think about all of the reasons why someone might struggle with these habit changes. So here's what I've decided: Since Thanksgiving is this week, … Continue reading Overcoming Barriers

Everything In Moderation

This time of year is really tough for people in a lot of ways. Money. Stress. Food. Weight gain. Lack of sunlight. Cold. Really friggin' cold (you know - depending on where you live...). When it comes to health and eating habits in particular, a lot of people get stuck in the holiday conundrum: I … Continue reading Everything In Moderation

Ditch the Bubbles

We all have our little bad habits - not eating breakfast, putting extra mayo on our sandwiches, having a soda with dinner, skipping the gym for happy hour with friends - the list goes on. I'm focusing on these things a lot these days because my professional approach to training and coaching is based on lifestyle … Continue reading Ditch the Bubbles

What Running Has Taught Me

This morning I completed the Run with the Duck 5K. The rain pelted down on shivering runners, who were surprisingly unprepared for the wet weather. (It's Oregon... It's not like Oregonians are new to rain.) The packet pickup line stretched far enough that the race began about 15 minutes late. Boyfriend, coffee in hand and decked … Continue reading What Running Has Taught Me

I’m Picky, Not a Child

When it comes to fitness, I'm pretty much set. I know what I like, what works for me, and how to do it. I also like keeping up with new trends and trying new things. But when it comes to food and nutrition, I'm a little more complicated. This is really important to me right … Continue reading I’m Picky, Not a Child