Morning Workouts

Yesterday, I had decided I was going to start working out in the morning. For real. I was going to do it. I even changed my alarms (yes, plural) to make sure I would get up early enough to do it. But when my alarms went off this morning, I went, “Nope!” hit the snoozeContinue reading “Morning Workouts”

It’s All About the Little Things

Part of my work is to team up with my company’s wellness team and support them in their communication needs for wellness initiatives. What does this mean? It means I put together pretty fliers, posters, programs, infographics, articles, and other things to help them distribute wellness messages, promote programs, and so forth. Lately, one ofContinue reading “It’s All About the Little Things”

Perspective is Everything

One of my favorite Fitspiration quotes is, “Workout because you love your body, not because you hate it.” Simple, right? For me, this offers some great perspective for embracing body image in a positive way and achieving goals from a healthy state of mind, rather than setting the stage with a negative self-image. This is why myContinue reading “Perspective is Everything”

Not Obsessed, Just Dedicated

I’ve been on the diet and exercise roller coaster so many times, I can’t really count. But there are definitely the periods of time that stand out – one in particular. I remember it clearly because when I talk to my mom about this point in time, she describes me as “obsessed.” I don’t rememberContinue reading “Not Obsessed, Just Dedicated”

Live to Inspire

Lately, there’s been this perfect storm of dissatisfaction and frustration at work, and I’ve been dealing with it through exercise and fitness goals. (My go-to coping strategy used to be beer, so this is a big deal for me.) Without a doubt, I’m happier when I’m focusing on health and fitness. Then last week, while IContinue reading “Live to Inspire”