Mixed Bag

Per usual, I got on a roll, stuff came up, I stopped blogging, and now I'm all motivated again and ready to get this show on the road. So what's different this time? I hit a big milestone. I don't normally start workout programs and do them all the way through - I get bored, … Continue reading Mixed Bag

Friendly Competition

For a while, I've been thinking that I need an "accountabilibuddy" - someone to answer to, someone to keep me motivated, and someone to keep me honest. That's a big part of why I started participating in a health coaching program. But then something sort of unexpected happened. A friend of mine at work IM'd … Continue reading Friendly Competition

The “Ah-ha!” Moment

Somehow - even armed with all of my personal training knowledge and months of consistent fitness habits - I hit a holiday slump. The morning sweat sessions gave way to an extra hour of shut-eye. I'm suddenly surrounded by chocolatey treats. I'm "too busy" for post-work kickboxing. The list goes on. And then yesterday, after … Continue reading The “Ah-ha!” Moment

Time and Motivation

I don't have time. it's one of the primary excuses people have for not exercising regularly. Another is motivation. People start feeling discouraged - because results take time, and the work is hard - and after a while, they loose their motivation to keep going. These are similar to the issues I'm facing, but in a weird … Continue reading Time and Motivation

Living the Life

Not all that long ago, the thought of working with a personal trainer terrified me. I always considered personal trainers to be people who have been fit all their lives and I was embarrassed by my less-than-fit condition. I remember working out at a 24 Hour Fitness in the Bay Area and seeing someone working … Continue reading Living the Life

Game Face

There's that pesky little saying that the only constant is change. This is sometimes super annoying to hear because it's obnoxiously true. And lately, I've been rolling with the punches and waiting for things to "settle down," when in reality, there's not much chance of that anytime soon. Here's why: My boss quit. Nine months … Continue reading Game Face

Oh Weekends

During the week, I am a machine. I get up, engage in 30-40 minutes of sweat therapy, then drag my happy ass to work. After work - a few days out of the week - I then go to the gym where I spend another 30 minutes sweating through nine rounds of kickboxing, punching and … Continue reading Oh Weekends

Own It

Badass Is the New Skinny has been dedicated to my journey to become a badass. But "badass" seems to have been lost in translation. Then, today, I had my ah-ha! moment when I found this blog post: Do You Call Yourself an Athlete? Here's Why You Should. Dieffenbach is on a mission to help her clients take back the … Continue reading Own It

Why I Love Nike’s “Better For It” Campaign

"What's better than sleeping in? Nothing. But you came to yoga anyway." "Present you kinda wants to die. But future you will probably appreciate this." The new Nike "Better For It" pretty much speaks for itself. But the reason I personally love it is because it acknowledges that sometimes, exercise feels sucky or difficult, causes … Continue reading Why I Love Nike’s “Better For It” Campaign

Reality Check

I've had a Fitbit HR Charge for a couple of weeks now, and there are a few key things I've learned as a result: My quality of sleep blows. I'd benefit from giving my weekends a health overhaul. I have good intentions, but terrible follow-through. The quality of sleep thing doesn't surprise me, but it … Continue reading Reality Check