The Most Monday of Mondays

I woke up when the alarm went off this morning. But it wasn't my alarm. It was Husband's alarm. That meant that it was almost 6, and an hour and a half later than I should've been waking up for my workout. You know how when you realize you've woken up late, you have that … Continue reading The Most Monday of Mondays


In the middle of the night on Friday, a beloved family member passed away. He was 44 and had so much spirit and amazing sense of humor. I'm 30, and this is the first time in my life that I've lost someone close to me. I've been trying to navigate everything I'm thinking and feeling, … Continue reading Coping

Keep Going

It seems like the hits just keep coming. Nice, strong start followed by a stressful move. Get settled. Dip my toes into the water to find my routine again, and deal with the holiday setbacks. Give it another go, feel great about it, and get sick. Sick isn't enough of an excuse, though, so let's … Continue reading Keep Going

And Then There’s Life

I didn't make it long before going on another hiatus. The reason for it, though, is a good one. About a week and a half ago, Husband and I signed papers for our new home. Since then, it's been a whirlwind of packing, cleaning, moving, working, drinking, and eating. Not much in the way of … Continue reading And Then There’s Life

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Typical for me, lately I've been doing great with my workouts, but not so great with my eating and drinking habits. I start out great in the first half of the day, but by the end of it, I want a drink and something deep fried. But the weight loss continues, slowly but surely. That's … Continue reading Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

The Hunger Scale

Ah, a new year and new opportunities. Lots of new opportunities. As much as I wanted to succeed with my previous behavior goal - leaving a couple bites of food on my plate or eating smaller portions - I continue to struggle with it. I could get into the reasoning for it, but that would … Continue reading The Hunger Scale

The “Ah-ha!” Moment

Somehow - even armed with all of my personal training knowledge and months of consistent fitness habits - I hit a holiday slump. The morning sweat sessions gave way to an extra hour of shut-eye. I'm suddenly surrounded by chocolatey treats. I'm "too busy" for post-work kickboxing. The list goes on. And then yesterday, after … Continue reading The “Ah-ha!” Moment

I’m Picky, Not a Child

When it comes to fitness, I'm pretty much set. I know what I like, what works for me, and how to do it. I also like keeping up with new trends and trying new things. But when it comes to food and nutrition, I'm a little more complicated. This is really important to me right … Continue reading I’m Picky, Not a Child

Fitness – It’s a Lifestyle

In the past couple of weeks, I've had to make some choices that I felt were needed, but still left me feeling a little bit guilty. One, as I've talked about, was that I made the choice to take a week off from kickboxing when my morning routine got bumped up a notch as I … Continue reading Fitness – It’s a Lifestyle

Tired of Feeling Tired

Moment of truth: I haven't done shit lately. Workouts are pretty much nonexistent, ice cream has become its own food group, and at least once or twice a week I catch myself nodding off at my desk. What it all comes down to is that I'm exhausted, lethargic, and unmotivated. I'd say it's because of … Continue reading Tired of Feeling Tired