26 Days Later

It's rare that I choose a fitness program and follow it day-for-day. I like to do my own fitness routines, do what I feel like doing. Use the variety of workout equipment I have at my disposal. But I started the new 80 Day Obsession routine on Beachbody On Demand. Every morning during the work [...]

Oh, Yoga

I've always loved lifting weights. I've never really been great at it, per say, but it makes me feel strong, confident, and powerful. It still does, and I enjoy the feeling I get when I get to kick the weight up a bit - proof that I'm getting stronger. Given the struggles I've had with [...]

Sweet Rest Days

This week has been challenging. I entered the second mesocycle of the DailyBurn workout program that I'm doing, and it's been a wonderful but exhausting change of pace. I've gone from roughly 30-35 minutes of cardio and strength training to about 45-55 minutes. At 5:30 in the morning, that's really saying something. And while in [...]


Where do I begin? I guess I'll start with my first ever experience with burpees... It was a dark and stormy night - OK, OK, for real. I was living in the San Francisco Bay Area and a bunch of friends from work wanted to try this kickboxing gym. It was a nice little hole-in-the-wall [...]

Oh Weekends

During the week, I am a machine. I get up, engage in 30-40 minutes of sweat therapy, then drag my happy ass to work. After work - a few days out of the week - I then go to the gym where I spend another 30 minutes sweating through nine rounds of kickboxing, punching and [...]

Ready to Run

There's a long-time running joke in my family that goes something like this: "The only time I'll run is if someone is chasing me with a sharp object." I can't even count the number of times my mom, sisters, and I have said this, in one form or another. I've been trying for years to [...]

PiYo Sweat Therapy

When it comes to bending myself into a yoga pretzel to meditative music and a soft, calming voice, I can't help but think, I could be taking a nap right now. I keep trying to make yoga something I love, since flexibility is a key factor in overall physical health, but good lord it's boring. So, between trying [...]