For real, this time

Have you ever gotten so swept up in all the things you’re “supposed” to do that you lose sight of what it is that you want to do? Lose sight of the things that light that fire in your belly, that make you wake up in the morning excited to start the day and feelContinue reading “For real, this time”

The “Ah-ha!” Moment

Somehow – even armed with all of my personal training knowledge and months of consistent fitness habits – I hit a holiday slump. The morning sweat sessions gave way to an extra hour of shut-eye. I’m suddenly surrounded by chocolatey treats. I’m “too busy” for post-work kickboxing. The list goes on. And then yesterday, afterContinue reading “The “Ah-ha!” Moment”

What’s with the Body Wars?

One of the things I think a lot of us struggle with – women in particular – is that when we see an image of someone that doesn’t resemble us, and it’s paired with something positive, we interpret that as I’m not good enough, attractive – whatever – because I don’t look like that. In reality, that image isn’tContinue reading “What’s with the Body Wars?”