Let’s Recap: Week 1

When you wake up and get up at oh-dammit-thirty enough days in a row, after a while, the time is just a number and not a real form of measurement. You just turn off the alarm, and get up. For that, though, it helps to stop looking at what time it is. It's totally a [...]


Oh, Yoga

I've always loved lifting weights. I've never really been great at it, per say, but it makes me feel strong, confident, and powerful. It still does, and I enjoy the feeling I get when I get to kick the weight up a bit - proof that I'm getting stronger. Given the struggles I've had with [...]

Forget ‘Want’

I don't want to be up yet. I don't want yogurt for breakfast. I didn't want to do yoga at an hour when most people don't even know their own names. I don't want to go to work today. I don't want to smile when I don't feel like smiling. I don't want to pretend [...]

Try, Try Again

There's a big part of me that wants to wipe out this blog and try again. But I won't, because as silly as I feel looking back at where this all started, it's all a part of my journey. And the journey continues. Not that long ago, I turned 30. On my 30th birthday, I [...]

Friendly Competition

For a while, I've been thinking that I need an "accountabilibuddy" - someone to answer to, someone to keep me motivated, and someone to keep me honest. That's a big part of why I started participating in a health coaching program. But then something sort of unexpected happened. A friend of mine at work IM'd [...]


For a lot of reasons, I've been struggling a lot lately to keep on track. Too many excuses, not enough motivation, and no one to hold me accountable. I can eat two quesadillas loaded with cheese and bacon. I can skip my afternoon kickboxing session (again). Who's going to know? Who cares? There are a [...]

The Hunger Scale

Ah, a new year and new opportunities. Lots of new opportunities. As much as I wanted to succeed with my previous behavior goal - leaving a couple bites of food on my plate or eating smaller portions - I continue to struggle with it. I could get into the reasoning for it, but that would [...]